GLS was born in 2013 out of the initiative of two seasoned Logisticians and with one goal: to become one of the leading Logistics companies in Oman.

The debuts were challenging to say the least, and work was done in their cars as a makeshift office as well as coffee shops around Muscat.

After acquiring their first customer and providing a quality service that was not the norm in Oman yet, the reputation of that newly formed company started to be built. The first freezer warehouse was rented to cater for the needs of that customer.

Relying on spot truck rental did not appear to be a viable solution for the long term, that is why and in 2015 GLS acquired its first fleet of trucks.

Around the same time as acquiring its first warehousing customer, GLS started providing Value Added Services such as co-packing and promotional packing to the market. This activity was done in a small rented warehouse in Ghala and continues to be the flagship operation of the company. Today, GLS provides Value Added Services in multiple locations such as Ghala, Barka and Sohar and for industries such as Food, Pest Control and Cleaning products.

In order to cater to the needs of its local and regional customers, GLS opened its office in Dubai in 2015 focusing on Transport and Freight Management.

More warehouses were added in Muscat and its surroundings over the years. Today, GLS is consolidating its operations to increase its operational efficiency and provide unparalleled service to its customers.

Adding Freight Management operations to its portfolio was one of the company’s latest achievements in 2016. Today, GLS is a vibrant part of two worldwide networks (FNC & W3PL).

Even though the company is relatively young, it has become a well-known logistics provider in Oman and continues to add more services and customers to its portfolio. The regional expansion has already started and more countries will be added starting in 2020.